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Information for guests Villa Rosenberg

Updated: Aug 12

Here you will find information about staying at Villa Rosenberg. Welcome! Nice if you check in on

Posting a review on Belvilla is highly appreciated, thank you very much!

Before you arrive you will receive information from me on how to get in. This is through a door locker with a code to get the key. Also the electric gate at the driveway has a code.

You may always send me as the owner a WhatsApp 0031 653 276 070. I wish you a pleasant stay, greetings Jacqueline Rosenberg.

Check in from 4 pm and check out before 10 am.

Linen, towels, tea towels etc.

You will be issued linen and towels but no beach towels. Our cupboard with the supplies is usually locked. If it is open you may use extra in low season. Make sure that the self packed linen is also clean washed back into the closet. Extra use also means extra costs at the launderette. You will understand that these costs are not for us but for you.

Spices, detergent, garbage bags, drinking water cooler, tea, coffee, dishwasher cubes and more

The first guests in the season will be surprised what is available. You may use it all. Will you fill it up again when you run out? Very nice for the next guest. Thank you!

Upon departure

All waste bins empty (including the bathrooms)

All non-perishable products away

All dishes (with dishwasher) clean in the closet

Refrigerator and freezer empty

Refrigerator and freezer off. Upstairs Villa: open refrigerator door and then there is the on and off button on the top right. Downstairs fridge can be turned off via the power strip. Leave both doors and all freezer drawers open. Many thanks!

BBQ downstairs and BBQ upstairs clean. PS BBQ upstairs is for winter guests!

Oven clean

Everything is broom clean as it is called. So there is no waste on the ground.

All items are in their original place

Take care of your own safety

When you leave: lock all doors. Kitchen door, Naya living room door and front door upstairs and front door downstairs. When you leave the driveway check that the electric gate also closes properly.

! Close the windows in the living room! With a ladder you are so inside. Thieves prefer to break in when there are tenants. Then there are things to get that thieves find interesting.

Electric fence

The entrance to Villa Rosenberg is closed off by an electric fence. You will be given a remote control for this. Do not lose it, the remote control costs 75 euros each. Of course you only have to pay this if you lose the remote control or it is defective due to improper use.


Smoking is not permitted in the entire villa. We would appreciate it if you would use an ashtray outside and dispose of the cigarette ends.


There is a coal BBQ in the lower garden and a gas BBQ on the upper naya for winter guests. If you use these you must leave them clean when you leave the villa. If they are dirty there will be an additional cleaning charge.


It is mandatory to use baking paper and cover chicken and meat against splashing. Upon departure you are expected to leave the oven clean. If the oven is still dirty an amount will be charged.

This request also applies to other appliances: The orange juicer should be cleaned each time after use by putting all loose parts in the dishwasher. The fixed appliance should be cleaned by hand.


Always use a garbage bag. No garbage truck will come to the house. Garbage should be disposed of at the special waste points at the end of the street. Again, waste separation of plastic, glass and the like applies.

Washing machine

The washing machine is at the back of the house. I myself always use the 15 min mode. Nice and quick, yet clean. There are 2 racks available and lines under the carport. Put the button for use first to off, then choose the mode, press 1x on all right button.


The beach towels can best be hung under the carport or on the line in the garden when you get home. This prevents sand in the house.


We would really appreciate it if you would deal with our house the same way as you would deal with your own house. So please do not sit on the benches with a wet swimsuit. Also be careful with sunscreen rubbed on legs and back.

Garden and watering

On the taps in the garden are boxes for automatic irrigation. Would you be so kind as to ensure that your children do not touch them?

Swimming pool

Fine if you first take the outdoor shower. Also useful to rinse sand from the feet after a day at the beach. Turn the big orange button on the left to start the water supply. Please use plastic glasses at the pool! These are in the villa downstairs. (black cabinet)


Please use the air conditioning sparingly. Do not leave windows or doors open. Please turn off the air conditioning when leaving the room and when leaving the villa.


Note: Do not touch the box or cables.

Hangs on the wall near the TV upstairs. Malfunction? Call Telitec 0034 96 574 3473


Can be put away in the beach house in case of an expected rain shower.

Something broken?

Please replace it and report it. Thanks! If we need to shop we charge time too.

Games and books

There are a lot of games: The Lord of the Rings, My First Diamond, Don't Get Pissed Off, Checkers, Chess, Mastermind, Cards, Poker Set, Stratego, Domino, Backgammon, Trivial and 3 puzzles. There are also Dutch and English books and magazines. Please leave everything in the villa so future guests can also enjoy it.

Return of furniture, household goods and appliances

If you put something in a different place, including a sun bed, would you please put it back in its old place before you leave? Of course you have paid for the cleaning but there is no time charged for putting things back in the right place. Many thanks!


Car rental

Taking out your own insurance is cheaper than buying it from the car company. You must give a deposit via credit card. Some credit cards include the car insurance (American Express) when you pay your car with your credit card. We like to book with Rental Cars. Do you Spain is also popular but they do not accept American Express.

Eating Out

La Buenes Vida, French cuisine, good wine!

(down the street to the right and then immediately on the curve Left)

***** AMANTE!

Happy Garden (Chinese food)

Afternoon drink

El Portet, on the beach immediately the first restaurant. Good bottle of wine, fried fish. Nice for the afternoon

Club Gabana (towards Moraira beach)


Pepe la Sal, luxury supermarket in Benissa Costa and the Lidlle direction Benissa (up so)

Night store

The supermarket is called "Open Cor" from 8am to 2am. Even at Christmas. Traffic circle in Moraira there where you go to El Portet go to the left and is the supermarket opposite tank station. Here they also have gas bottles to change.

Music above: Sonos

Use this with Spotify

Downstairs via Google audio (same as Sonos)

TV Upstairs and Downstairs

Via Google Chrome Cast (google this for instructions for use)

Exta: We kindly ask our guests to treat the key holder and/or owner with respect and accept his/her rules.

The maximum occupancy is indicated in the travel documents, it should not be exceeded. The key holder has the right to refuse additional guests in the rented accommodation or to charge extra costs for this.

Additional costs, if indicated on the accommodation ticket, such as tourist tax, cleaning costs, bedding or a deposit to be paid, must be paid before arrival.

Please do not move the furniture. This may cause unnecessary damage and wear and tear to the furniture and floors. The manager may charge you extra if furniture must be moved back or if damage is caused as a result.

Do not open rooms or cabinets that are locked with a key and thus intended for private purposes.

Septic tank

Do not throw anything into the toilets, bathtub, sink or other drains (no toilet paper, no tampons, sanitary napkins, panty liners). Also, do not pour environmentally harmful cleaning agents such as chlorine, fats and food scraps down the drain or into the toilets. This causes serious blockages!

Any kind of flooding in the bathroom leads to damage to the fixtures and floor . The guest is liable for all damages. Repair costs will be charged to you even after departure.

Always use linen on the beds. Should you fail to do so, the cleaning costs of the pillows, blankets and mattresses may be charged to you.

If there is a fireplace or wood stove in the house, please make sure that the fire is not too high and not wet wood, chimney fires could result. If you do not know exactly how to use the fireplace, please ask the manager or owner, who is certainly willing to inform you about this. Buy the wood and do not take it from gardens. The owner can advise you where to get it.

Hot pans cannot be placed directly on the counter or table; Always use a coaster for this.

Unless otherwise stated, there is a no smoking policy in this property. Smoking is allowed outside (balcony, garden). If you do not adhere to this rule, you risk a fine.

Did you bring your pet? Please make sure it does not lie on the couches or beds and keep the animal on a leash outside.

Respect the garden, do not pick flowers or touch trees and plants; do not light fires! Avoid driving cars ́s on the lawn or through the garden. Setting up tents is strictly prohibited.

Make sure you do not cause a nuisance. Observe the rule of respecting the peace and quiet of the neighbors after 10 pm.

We take the environment and therefore (domestic) waste separation seriously. Residual waste may only be deposited in closed garbage bags in the designated garbage bins. The collection of full garbage bags on balconies and terraces is absolutely prohibited. Glass, plastic, metal and paper should be separated from other types of waste whenever possible and deposited in the designated containers (if any).

Every guest is obliged to handle water, electricity, fuel oil and gas with care. It is compulsory to turn off e.g. stove, oven, light, TV when leaving your vacation home. Excessive power consumption will be charged upon departure.

Please report any deficiencies immediately upon arrival and report them within 24 hours to the manager, so you will not be held liable at the end of your stay. Report any damages during your stay and before you leave, so that the manager can put the house in order for the next guests.

Any complaints should be reported immediately (within 24 hours) after discovery to the owner Jacqueline Rosenberg 0031(0)653276070

Extra point of attention for downstairs apartment: Always leave the bedroom windows on keep tilt, day and night. There are no exposure grids and this is very important for your health and prevents the risk of moisture in the rock walls. In the bedroom there are mosquito nets for the windows. If you keep your bedroom door closed tightly you will not be bothered by mosquitoes. The windows of the living room of the downstairs apartment are best left open and if there is a fire only the kitchen window is ajar.

Please think about the following points before you leave:

Leave the apartment in good order (broom clean), no later than the indicated check-out time.

Oven and microwave are clean and turned off

Refrigerator is empty without leftover food and beverages, please turn off and leave door and drawers open. (Off button is on cooling cat behind door.

Dishwasher is uncluttered and clean, dishes clean is in cabinets.

Please dispose of garbage bags in the appropriate waste containers.

All lights are off and windows are closed upstairs

[ ] Downstairs all windows open on keep tilt!

All taps are closed

If you have any questions, please WhatsApp on 0031653276070

The address is

Villa Rosenberg

Calle el Voltor 11

03720 Benissa Costa

Comunicat Valenciana Spain

Province of Alicante


We wish you a happy vacation!

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