Information for guests Villa Rosenberg

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Information for guests Villa Rosenberg

Here you will find information about your stay at Villa Rosenberg. Welcome! Nice if you check in at

On Home Away a review places is highly appreciated, thank you very much!

You will be received by the house keeper unless otherwise agreed. The housekeeper has all your boiler and refrigerator upstairs turned on beforehand. She has for you keys and 1 or more fence openers. You can ask her questions but you can always send me as owner a WhatsApp 0031 653 276 070. I wish you a pleasant stay, greetings Jacqueline Rosenberg.

Check in from 16 hours and check out before 11 hours.

Would you like to call the housekeeper Paquita Malonda an hour before arrival? Her number is 0034 966 498 432 or 0034 676 818 332.

Her daughter's name is Marina Malonda and she speaks good English 0034 636 72 1525 (also has Whats App).

Herbs, detergent, garbage bags, drinking water bottles, tea, coffee, dishwashing cubes and more

The first guests in the season will be amazed by what is available. You can use it all. Do you fill it again when it is finished? Very nice for the next guest. Thank you!

At departure

  • All waste bins empty (including the bathrooms)

  • All non-perishable products away

  • All dishes (with dishwasher) clean in the closet

  • Refrigerator and freezer empty

  • Refrigerator and freezer off. Villa above: door refrigerator open and then there is right above the on and off button. Downstairs the refrigerator can be turned off through the socket. Both doors and all freezer drawers open. Many thanks!

  • BBQ downstairs and BBQ upstairs clean.

  • Oven clean

  • Everything's broom clean as it is. So there is no waste on the ground.

  • All things in their original place

  • Meet with the housekeeper to check out

Take care of your own safety

If you leave, lock all the doors. Kitchen door, Naya living room door and front door upstairs and front door downstairs. If you leave the driveway check whether the electric fence closes properly.

! Close the windows in the living room! With a ladder you are so inside. Thieves prefer to break in when there are tenants. There are things to get that thieves find interesting.

Electric fence

The entrance of Villa Rosenberg is closed by an electric fence. You will get a remote control for this. Do not lose it, the remote costs 75 euros each. Of course, you only have to pay if you lose the remote control or if it is faulty due to improper use.


Smoking is not allowed in the entire villa. Furthermore, we set it on a price if you use an ashtray outside and throw away the cigarette butts.


There is a coal BBQ in the lower garden and on the Naya above a gas outdoor kitchen. If you use it, you must leave it clean when you leave the villa. If these are dirty there will be a cleaning charge.


It is compulsory to use baking paper and to cover chicken and meat against splashing. On departure you are expected to leave the over clean. If the oven is still dirty, a fee will be charged.

This request also concerns other appliances: The orange press should be cleaned every time after use by all loose parts in the dishwasher to do. The fixed appliance should be cleaned by hand.


Always use a garbage bag. There is no garbage truck at home. The waste should be disposed of at the special waste points at the end of the street. Here, too, there is waste separation of plastic, glass and the like.

Washing machine

The washing machine is at the back of the house. I always use the 15 min mode. Nice and fast and yet clean. There are 2 racks and lines under the Carport.


The beach towels are best hung under the carport when you come home. This prevents sand in the house.


We appreciate it very much if you deal with our house the same way as you would with your own house would do. Sit not with a wet swimsuit on the benches. Beware also with sunscreen smeared legs and back.

Garden and watering

At the taps in the garden are cabinets for automatic irrigation. Would you be so kind as to ensure that your children do not arrive here?

Swimming pool

Nice if you first use the outdoor shower. Also useful for rinsing sand off the feet after a day at the beach. Please use plastic glasses by the pool! These are in the villa downstairs. (black closet)

Air conditioning

Please use the air conditioning sparingly. Do not leave any windows or doors open. Please turn off the air conditioning when leaving the room and leaving the villa.


Hanging on the wall by the TV upstairs. Malfunction? Call Telitec 0034 96 574 3473


The lounge sofa at the BBQ in the garden downstairs is all weather. These cushions do not have to go inside when it rains. For this bench is a brush under the table. This allows you to wipe the sofa of leaves. Do not use this for the BBQ. In front of that is a dustpan and a can at the BBQ.

The cushions of the lounge sofa by the pool should be dry in case of an expected rain shower. Forgotten? Put the cushions equally apart from each other in the sun.

Something broken?

Please replace it and report it. Thank you!

Games and books

There are a lot of games: Under the spell of the ring, my first rumicub, man does not annoy you, checkers, chess, mastermind, cards, poker set, stratego, domino, back gammon, trivia and 3 puzzles. There are also many Dutch and English books and magazines. Please leave everything in the villa so that future guests can enjoy it too.

Return of furniture, household goods and appliances

If you put something in another place, including a sunbed, would you like to put it back in the old place before you leave? Of course you have paid for the cleaning but there is no time calculated for putting the stuff back in the right place. Many thanks!


  • Car rental

Taking out your own insurance is cheaper than buying the insurance from the car company. You have to give a deposit by credit card. With some credit cards, the car insurance is included (American Express) when you pay for your car with your credit card. We are happy to book with Rental Cars. Do you Spain is also popular but it does not accept American Express.

  • Going out for dinner

La Buenes Vida, French cuisine, good wine!

(At the bottom of the street turn right and then immediately into the bend Left)

Happy Garden (Chinese food)

  • Afternoon drink

El Portet, the first restaurant on the beach. Good bottle of wine, fried fish. Nice for in the afternoon

Club Gabana (direction Moraira beach)

  • Supermarket

Pepe la Sal, luxury supermarket in Benissa Costa and the Lidlle towards Benissa (up)

  • Night shop

The supermarket is called "Open Cor" from 8am to 2am. Even at Christmas. Roundabout in Moraira where you go to El Portet you go to the left and is the supermarket opposite the petrol station. Here they also have gas bottles to change. (Summer guests do not have to do this)

Music upper villa: Sonos

Use this with Spotify

Downstairs with Google audio (same as with Sonos)

TV Upper villa and lower Ville

With Google Chrome Cast

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